To be released on
St.Valentine’s day 2023

Before the Force :


Released 31 December 2021

NIVATAK presents
91 Divocation :

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Before the Force / teaser

Deconfine me

Euro Love

Nivatak Sampler


Thus NIVATAK was born

Early in 2017, Ken’s dear young friend was scammed to cancer. Witnessing a young life full of dreams forced to cease by what appeared to be a senseless fate got him to soul-search. He subsequently came to the realization that one thing he wanted to achieve before he kicks the bucket was to make the ultimate pop album that he would have listened to 10 times everyday if he was 17. After all, it was these great songs by the likes of the Beatles or Prince that turned him on to music in the first place. Ken began working on an album possessing that pop magic thinking it was purely for his own ego and had no intention of releasing. Catherine visited Tokyo when Ken just started woking on his album which he saw was to be his epitaph. Upon listening to what he was creating, Catherine suggested they work together. To which Ken answered, “Why not? The more the merrier!” Thus NIVATAK was born.

2017年の始めにケンの若い友人がガンでお星様になりました。沢山やりたい事や夢があったのにそれを果たせなかった彼女の弔いの念も込めて、いつ死んでも悔いないように今一番やりたい事をやらなくては・・・と自問自答をします。こうしてケンは「もしこの世で最後に一つだけ何かしたい事があるとすれば、それは究極の最高のポップアルバムを一枚作る事だ」と悟りました。結局自分の人生を狂わせてくれたのはビートルズやプリンスといった人たちの素晴らしい音楽だった - ケンはこうしてポップの魔法が散りばめられたアルバムの制作に取り掛かりましたが、当初は完全に自分の為のプロジェクトでリリースするつもりは全くありませんでした。丁度その頃キャサリンが東京を訪れ、ケンは彼女に製作中の曲をいくつか聴かせました。ピピッときたキャサリンは一緒にコラボしようと提案、こうしてNIVATAKは産声をあげました。



A pessimist music label that dares to dream.
CATHRACH means [fortified] city in Old Irish - representing our commitment to protect artists’ rights and their artistic freedom at all cost.